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Sonic Cleanser and Facial Massager

Skin Lumina rechargeable power silicone face cleansing brush is made of water-resistant silicone and is engineered for most efficient performance. It provides efficient cleansing and an excellent clean in contrast to using one's fingers alone. Silicone not only feels good on the face, constant use will see a change in one's skin. Two minutes in the morning and at night is all it takes.

Product Functions

- The vibration technology allows for a most fulfilling cleaning of one's face. It will facilitate blood flow to the facial skin resulting in revitalised skin texture and minimisation of pore size.

- Use this brush with a favourite cleanser to amplify the effectiveness and finer absorption of skin care products.

Product Features

- Ergonomically designed for ease of use and easily fits in one's hand.

- Made of waterproof silicone.

- The brush vibrates 6000 instances per minute. In effect removes facial dirt and makeup residue. Brush speed can be adjusted according to one's skin's needs.

- Compact in design, easily fits in one's bag or suitcase. Portable and USB rechargeable.

Product Application/Usage

1) Wet face, then apply cleanser.

2) Press the power button and adjust speed by pressing "+" or "-" buttons to set the preferred speed.

3) Apply sonic brush to face in small round motion.

4) Rinse sonic brush with water after every use.