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Facial LED Light Therapy: Easy Facial Treatments at Home

April 06, 2021 2 min read

In today's high technology-driven world, some things that only used to be available in a professional setting are increasingly becoming more accessible. Beauty products and procedures are great examples of these. Facial treatments in particular are easier and more effective with the introduction of light therapy devices that are portable and affordable. Facial LED light therapy at home is an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin without having to step out the door.

How Does Face Light Therapy Work?

Facial LED light therapy makes use of colour wavelengths of visible light to improve your facial skin's health. Different facial light therapy colours benefit the skin in different ways.

Red light, for instance, has anti-aging effects and can reduce wrinkles, skin redness, and inflammation. It's also used to treat rosacea.

Blue light possesses antibacterial properties, making it suitable for treating acne, psoriasis, and eczema without harming the skin.

Yellow or amber light, meanwhile, promotes skin healing, growth, and rejuvenation. It's particularly useful in accelerating skin recovery after treatments such as skin needling and microdermabrasion.

Using a Facial Light Therapy Mask

Undergoing facial LED light therapy at home is made easy with a facial light therapy mask. Besides being convenient and easy to use, it's also a safe device to add to almost any skin care regimen. Approved by dermatologists, it's a suitable phototherapy facial option for those who are pregnant (or potentially pregnant). Also, there are people with acne who prefer a LED phototherapy facial over prescription medications to treat their skin condition.

Before using a phototherapy face mask, it's best to wash and clean your face. Make sure to read and follow your device's instructions for best results. Finally, keep in mind that it's still important to follow skin protection practices such as wearing sun-protective clothing and/or sunscreen in addition to using a phototherapy face mask like the Skin Lumina Light Therapy LED Mask to keep your skin looking and feeling young and vibrant.

Liz C.
Liz C.